Good Coffee, Lunch by the Pool, Dolphin Sighting, A Nice Nap, Appetizers for Dinner, A Question for the Captain, Fresh Fish, South Latitude Record Watch

It’s Tuesday, February 4. This is our second full day of the cruise and another day at sea sailing through the southern Atlantic on our way to Ushuaia, Argentina. The seas have been very calm and the weather is quite pleasant, although it is cooler today than yesterday.

After our Meet and Mingle on Monday we found the good coffee at Cafe Al Bacio, a coffee shop on Deck 5. The regular coffee on-board is terrible, so we are glad we have the beverage package so we can use it to get the best beans. The Cafe is quite popular, as you might imagine. We hung out for a while, sneaking on-line occasionally for sporadic hits of the slow and expensive internet service. After much-improved Internet service, with lower prices or unlimited access on our last three or four cruises, this is definitely a major step backwards. I find it very ironic that Celebrity is owned by RCI, as the Internet on Oasis of the Seas was the best yet, and this is like the frustrating stuff we had three or four years ago. Steve’s interview with the iLounge person may be a bit hostile ;-).

In the early afternoon, we went up on the pool deck in search of a burger to split. The grill cook whipped up a yummy bacon and cheddar burger that was just right for sharing. As we were finishing it, someone yelled over by the window that they had spotted dolphins. Sure enough, there were quite a few grey porpoises frolicking by the ship and Steve got a couple of passable photos with his rented telephoto lens. We also had a long conversation with a retired couple from the UK that was mostly pleasant (as long as we got off the topic of National Health Care).

We decided to head back to our stateroom to sit on the balcony and look for more marine mammals. The temperature was quite pleasant and we were nodding off before we knew it. Nap time! We slept for an hour, then dressed for dinner. Because if the VIP privileges we got when boarding, we were invited to a private function in Michael’s Club to meet some of the officers. We planned to go to Blu for dinner (the exclusive restaurant for Aqua Club), but they kept tempting us with good appetizers. The Captain (Michael Sympouras) and few officers showed up and came by each table to chat briefly. I asked Captain Sympouras what our approximate southernmost latitude might be in Antarctica and said he would definitely announce that from the bridge.

We decided to skip dinner after all of the appetizers and we sat in the Rendezvous Lounge (dance club) for a while talking to other couples in our Roll Call. Back in the room getting ready to go to bed, I popped out on the balcony for a quick weather check and was startled by a very strong but not unpleasant smell of very fresh (obviously alive) fish. Apparently, we were cruising through an area that must have had many fish in the water and we have never smelled anything like this on any other cruise. Fascinating!

This morning, the Captain’s status announcement noted that our latitude at that time was 43 degrees south, which means we are setting southern latitude records every moment we continue in a southerly direction. Previously, our southernmost point in our travels was the airport in Auckland, New Zealand, at 35 degrees south.

Stay tuned!

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