Off on a new cruise adventure


Finally, after many months since our last cruise, we are leaving in a couple of days for our latest adventure. We are flying to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a three-night pre-cruise package at the JW Marriott on Copacabana Beach (sing it, Barry!), followed by a 22-day cruise on Insignia, another one of the Oceania Cruise Lines R-ships (700 passengers). This journey, our longest cruise to date, includes 7 days on the lower Amazon river, stopping at several small villages and larger cities and going as far inland as Manaus. A map of our itinerary is included; we end in Miami, allowing us to have shorter domestic flights home. By cruising almost exclusively in hot tropical climates, this fun adventure allows us to forego the winter jackets, gloves, and hats that we have had on several recent cruises. We have had the requisite shots, including yellow fever vaccination, fought for weeks to get our Visa processed (a story in itself), and are now in the final panicked days of packing smartly (hah!) and getting the house ready. Stay tuned! There will be periodic updates with longer stories on this site and short posts on Facebook.

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