Back at the podunk grass strip…

Tuesday, July 7 - We are in the Aer Lingus lounge at Heathrow (complimentary for Saga Class on Icelandair) awaiting our gate assignment. The flight to Kevflavik is at 1:00 pm and our gate will be announced at 12:15. The gate location requires 15-20 minutes of walking to reach. If you recall, I said that the new Terminal 2 (Queen’s Terminal) is merely the long trek dressed up with new stuff and fancy restaurants.

We said goodbye to Nautica this morning; she sails today for the Baltic, then does a Norway cruise and there are a few folks doing the next two cruises. The bus ride took a little over ninety minutes from Southampton; traffic was pretty bad on the M3 in some areas and we were perilously close to trucks in the left lane in some narrow spots where they were doing construction. In fact, our bus mirror tapped the mirror of a truck at one point, while both vehicles were traveling at 60 mph.

Check-in and security were pretty quick, actually, although I did get some special attention because of my knees and had to go through two types of scanners. I’m glad they’re pretty thorough; today is the 10th anniversary of the UK’s 9/11, the horrific terror attacks on London transportation that took place on 7/7/2005. In the lounge here, they are showing live coverage of a memorial service in St. Paul’s Cathedral with all of the dignitaries there, including PM David Cameron and Prince Andrew.

The airlines and types of planes at this tiny airport are amazing and I think we have had our first sighting of Royal Brunei Air, among others. There are lots of 777’s, A380’s, 787’s, 747’s and assorted other smaller planes flying to all sorts of places. We saw an Air New Zealand 777 land and felt sorry for the poor folks who have no idea what day or time it is here (good grief, that must be a long flight).

I may post a short update in Keflavik (if Wi-Fi is available) and the final summary will be done soon!

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