Getting tipsy off the south coast of England

Ok, so we’re closing in on Southampton, after 20 days (including 10 days at sea). We had some bouncy seas earlier today, but it is sublime right now, with blue skies and very calm seas. Lots of sea traffic, including a bizarre car carrier that used very new technology.

We have decided (due to alcoholic consumption or high levels of nostalgia) that the cruise was very good to excellent. I know, I know, I was whining about the extra days at sea, but we did meet most of our objectives and Nuuk, Greenland, was amazing and we are so grateful we have been there. We are overall very happy, provided we get to London Heathrow airport tomorrow in time for the security inquisition.

We came in third for trivia (out of 14 teams) and had enough “Big O” points for a long-sleeve T-shirt for me and a sports shirt for Steve (sweat-wicking material). Two people shared the snowball BINGO jackpot that was nearly $4000.

Tonight we are in Horizons lounge, skipping dinner again and enjoying our last night. We are packed and ready to go for tomorrow!

My final top/bottom list will be posted soon!

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