Ice Encounters, Into the final week

Monday, June 29: We’re at sea, with some waves and wind today, on our way to Reykjavik. Sailing out of Nuuk was spectacular on Saturday and while at dinner that evening in the Grand Dining Room facing the aft windows, I spied a number of whale spouts.

We woke up Sunday to another fog bank and had some real fun for a while as Nautica dodged bigger and bigger icebergs at the southern end of Greenland, until the Captain said “No more of this” (in Ukrainian, and only likely to his crew members, because we never heard anything) and abruptly turned to the southwest for a short time to get out of the path of the ice. We were in our room at the time, grimacing at the larger and larger floes near the ship and didn’t feel the thrusters and the sharp turn, but I guess it did alarm some folks in the Nautica Lounge up front on Deck 5. Fortunately, the ship was able to get back on course to the northeast fairly quickly and continue towards Iceland.

Last night was also the Oceania Club party, which was very nice. We are now at the bronze level with six cruises, but some folks have a ridiculous number of cruises under their belts on a cruise line that has only been around since 2004. The cruise line supplied free drinks and nice appetizers and we sat with a couple from Canada who got their gold pins (15 cruises on Oceania). Unfortunately, which seems to be the case with people from Canada, we got into a discussion about how crazy so many Americans are with respect to certain subjects, so that was not a lot of fun, but they were gracious about the differences in opinion, unlike the couple last year that spent their time talking to us bashing everything about America until we said “enough” and walked away.

After the party, we had dinner in the Terrace at a table by the window and the fog lifted so we could see the dramatic mountains of southern Greenland. We also passed below a series of intriguing wave clouds that looked like fog banks as you approached them, but were not.

Tomorrow we are in Reykjavik for a long day (early morning until 10:00 pm) and have a Super 4X4 tour in the morning. We will also have time to wander around the city in the afternoon. The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-sixties, with no rain in the forecast. Even better, the forecast for Liverpool on Friday is for a temperature near 80 degrees!

The days at sea have their routines, but we look forward to the final four ports and are getting more anxious to get home and see our kitties and family/friends.

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