Ice concerns, changes in itinerary

Thursday, June 25: A change in plans this morning! Apparently, all of that “climate change” has unexpectedly resulted in too much ice still remaining in the fjord areas of southern Greenland, creating a navigational hazard. Our transit of Prince Christian Sound and port stops in Southern Greenland have been canceled and we will, instead, call at the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, located on the southwest coast on Saturday. This has thrown a monkey wrench into much of the remaining the cruising schedule, resulting in a change to the stop at Reykjavik from an overnight Monday into Tuesday into a longer day only on Tuesday. This also requires cancellation of Londonderry on July 2 (darn, we had a tour to the Giant’s causeway planned there) and we will sail from Reykjavik late on Tuesday evening directly to Liverpool on July 3, followed by Belfast and Dublin.

Of course, this also threw the excursion plans in Reykjavik into complete disarray and it was a general scrum on Deck Four to get revised excursions and times. Our excursion was lost in the change (a photography tour), so we substituted a Super 4X4 tour and will spend some time in the city afterwards. Tempers were flaring downstairs, with long lines. The staff handed out forms and asked people to fill them out and drop them off; when we and some other folks tried to do that, some supreme jerk (a fellow passenger) jumped all over us, yelling that we had to stand in line. Steve was also screamed at by a woman at the front of the line at destination services when he tried to drop off the form, making him and another fellow passenger scuttle away to avoid a scene. I told the loudmouth that the excursion staff member told us we could fill out the form and drop it off and he gave us an earful of nastiness and said that we had to stand in line and he didn’t care what they said. We got back in the end of the line, only to be told a few minutes later (broadcast to the entire room) that we COULD fill out the form and drop it at reception or with a staff member. Another passenger we talked to afterwards also had a nasty unsolicited lecture by this cretin, so when he left, he said “so long, buddy”, in a loud voice. I walked by and said “I told you so, that we could drop off the form” and he called me a nasty name and said I needed to go back to bed(!). I wouldn’t want to be on a lifeboat with this braying jackass. Some people are really a waste of the oxygen they were born to breathe (I know that not’s nice, but we certainly didn’t need that unpleasantness).

And of course a few other passengers are questioning the decisions, rather than understanding the concerns. Changes happen on cruises, particularly when you are going to less-traveled destinations. Sadly, some of the passenger contingent on this cruise is not much better than many of the other Oceania cruises we have been on and we’re not sure why this cruise line seems to attract these types or maybe it’s the smaller quarters and more time at sea. Some of these folks are or were corporate leaders or executives in their careers and there may be something to the theory that the competitiveness and aggression required to be in those leadership roles often (not always) attracts anti-social personality types, with little empathy for other people. I’ve also seen plenty of nastiness on the regular Cruise Critic Oceania board (not Roll Calls), so this theory may be true and I stopped posting on the regular board, getting tired of the regulars who lie around like a pride of lions waiting to pounce on any contrary viewpoints. I am the first one to admit that I have a short fuse, but Steve certainly agrees that this guy this morning (and the guy on the bus on Tuesday) were completely out of line and they both instigated the entire situation. Another passenger who heard the story this morning said that if he had been talked to that way, that guy would be sitting on the floor nursing a broken nose.

Well, so much for that. We now will have too many days at sea for the rest of the cruise, unfortunately, including tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and a week from Monday, but we are certainly going to be relaxed and fat! Perhaps Oceania should have scheduled their Norway/northern Russia cruise now and made this itinerary for mid-July. Our cruise director, Ray, just walked by and said we are on iceberg watch now and may have quite a few this evening (gulp!).

We’ll update later, perhaps after our stop in Nuuk.

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