Heading to Port Canaveral (how ironical), Steve hits the Bingo jackpot!

This evening (Sunday), the seas are calming nicely, at last. We sat outside this afternoon at Waves Grill in fairly pleasant temperatures for a few hours, then played trivia at 4:30. We’re doing ok as a team, but are not the winning group.

Apparently last night, during the bad night at sea, an elderly guest in a suite in the forward area of deck 7 fell getting out of the tub and broke his leg; he was doing this stupidity while we were in force 9 or 10 seas. Our alternate port was then declared: Port Canaveral. We have sailed out of this port four times on Disney and, of course, I am very familiar with the area from previous work assignments. We will dock later tonight to transfer this patient off the ship, then we get to do our passport inspections at 0800 am (thank you, Feds). We signed up for an airboat tour on the St. John river that leaves at 10:30. There is also a tour to KSC, but we plan to visit in December.

Now, on to stunning news: Last night, on a lark, we played Bingo for the first time in years on a cruise ship and failed miserably, as is our pattern. Tonight after trivia, they held the last snowball bingo tournament so we signed up again for six cards each for four games ($60 total for two). The final game was a blackout, with the winner receiving over $2700. To my astonishment, Steve had two more numbers to go on one of the six cards; they called I22, which he needed, then a couple of useless numbers. Then, the very crucial B8 came up - winner, winner chicken dinner!!! Another person called Bingo at the same time and her card was wrong. So, we won more than enough to pay our shipboard credit, cover our deposit on the 2016 cruise and take a dent out of our night at the Trump Tower in Toronto! What a lovely thing! We’re so blessed!

Oh, and the wonderful Palmetto Carriage Works refunded our carriage ride in Charleston.

More after our day at Port Canaveral tomorrow.

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