Things Could be Worse; Good Movie, Montevideo from the Balcony

 Yesterday, as I felt better and better, I was kvetching about having to be in the room until this evening.  I should count my blessings - they had to do an emergency medical evacuation of a passenger yesterday afternoon from the helipad on the front of the ship! Steve got some great video of the Argentine Naval Prefecture helicopter lowering two medics, then lifting the person up to the helicopter, then lifting the two medics back up.  I could only see the action from the room and kept seeing the helicopter flying by, thinking that couldn’t get close enough to land because of the wind. Thoughts and prayers are with this person and family members. He must have been in bad shape if he couldn’t be kept stabilized on-board until we arrived in Montevideo today.

Last night we watched one of the free movies that I got for being quarantined. Our choice was “Gravity”, which we did not see in the theaters. On our tiny flat screen with bad sound it was phenomenal; we can’t imagine what it was like in IMAX 3D. There were some technical issues, but for the most part, I thought this movie was the most realistic representation of what space must be like and the spiritual themes were quite intriguing, We want to see it again!

Yesterday, Steve talked to a young couple for a while during the evacuation episode. She apparently had a gastrointestinal illness earlier in the cruise and was quarantined for 24 hours. After the quarantine was lifted, they got a voucher for a discount on a future cruise. I hope they give me the same consideration. I think the last thing Celebrity wants is for a guest, who happens to write member reviews for Cruise Critic, to walk away with very negative memories of their first experience on this cruise line because of the “fun” of mandatory confinement for an illness that I probably caught on-board and didn’t have to report if I had chosen to tough it out.

The medical office did call up and check on me yesterday but no one else called to make sure I was in the room.  I do appreciate being treated like a responsible adult. Apparently they will call me at 5:00 pm or thereabouts this evening and I will go down and have my temperature checked and then will hopefully be released. They can’t keep me in the morning, thank goodness, and we will be on our way home tomorrow night. The Tamiflu does seem to have some effect on the severity of the flu, as my recovery yesterday was quite dramatic. It does create a strange taste in the mouth and we both had problems going to sleep last night.

This morning we’re sitting on the balcony and having breakfast.  We have a view of some of the buildings in the city and a naval shipyard here in Montevideo, Uruguay.  We are taking full credit for visiting this country, just like we did for Senegal when we did a two-hour refueling stop there in 2004 on our flight from South Africa. The architecture is a combination of what we like to call Romanian Federalist (those oh-so-lovely socialist eyesores) and Colonial/Cuban Banana Republic interspersed with a few Palm trees. Most of the buildings are an ivory color and one building nearby, obviously built in the 1930′s, has a scary-looking tower with a glass dome on top (paging Flash Gordon). A lot of people are already coming back from the city, so it must be really exciting.

I will update with the news that I hopefully rolled doubles to get out of jail.

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