Free at last, Free at last!

Well, I finally called guest services at 5:30 pm and they patched me through to Medical. I was expecting them to call but they told me to head straight down with the mask on. I had no temperature and was released from my quarantine.  She had the nerve to ask me if I still had a cough.  I told her I would have a cough for the next month and she frowned, but there nothing she can do at this point. I almost asked if they would let me just sit in the room on the next cruise (another one to Antarctica), with in and out privileges occasionally, if the cough could be cured to their satisfaction. I’m so glad that I have the last evening free to walk around the ship.

Next, we went to Guest Services.  The young lady behind the counter said there were no future cruise vouchers for the privilege of being stuck in quarantine, just because I had the temerity to go to Medical with what I thought was a run-of-the-mill cold/respiratory thing to get better cough medicine and ended up invoking their flu jail requirement. We pushed back and she had us talk to another representative who did indeed confirm that we would get a voucher.  If it is not in the room when we return to go to bed, we will go and ask again. I’m not looking for a free ride, but I do think that people will be more and more reluctant to report illnesses on board ships or at embarkation if the reward for doing this is losing part of your vacation with no appeal, having no alternative arrangement (e.g., wearing a mask outside your room), or a lack of at least modest compensation and acknowledgement that doing the right thing results in a forced penalty on the guest. Hmm, should have been a lawyer. Oh, and if I see one more woman walk out of a restroom on a cruise ship without washing her hands, I will be a bit more vocal about it.  I was extremely cautious on this cruise about hygiene, as usual, and still caught this crap.

Finally, we visited the nice staff in Michael’s Club, had some appetizers for dinner and each had a half-glass of wine.  In spite of the shipboard doctor’s admonishment that alcohol and Tamiflu do not mix, that interaction concern is not evident in the product insert or anywhere that we could find on line in any reputable medical source.  I think the concern is for stomach effects from the drug, but so far we are ok and take the doses with food. We will be prudent, but we plan to enjoy a wine at the Gaucho show tomorrow in Buenos Aires on our way to the airport and probably one glass on the flight to celebrate going home. We are now drinking tea in Cafe Al Bacio and have everything ready to go with our bags.

The final summary, with an overview of our day in BA and flights home, plus my highlights and lowlights from the trip will be posted soon!  Cruise #23 certainly has had its share of drama.

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