Well, an interesting and very annoying development occurred today.  We did our long shore excursion to the Valdes Peninsula and had our close encounters (finally) with Magellan penguins, which I will describe when I get a chance.  A couple of days ago, I started getting a scratchy throat and developed a cough.  Since half the people on board this cruise have had some kind of upper respiratory thing for days, I thought that was what was going on with me.  I bought some NyQuil and toughed it out for a couple of days and actually didn’t feel too bad yesterday.  Today, however, on that excursion, I was feeling pretty lousy and didn’t feel like eating when we had our stop for lunch at the estancia. So when we got back to the ship we decided to go down to medical and it turns out I have the influenza and not just a cold!  I had a temperature of 101 degrees and have a very bad cough. So I have been put in quarantine and must not leave my stateroom for the next 48 hours, which means no Valentine’s dinner tomorrow night (we had a special one booked at the SS United States) and no tour in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Steve was actually running the tour in Montevideo, so he will try to find someone else to take over. They prescribed Tamiflu for both of us which also means I can’t even have a glass of wine during my incarceration or for the next five days (Steve has to take his one pill a day for ten days and also can’t have alcohol).  So, this really sucks, and just adds to the pile of things that have not been that great on this trip, starting with Steve’s Dad and his angioplasty the day before we left, then both of us with our stomach issues on and off and Steve’s migraine the other night. The cruise itself has been ok and we are glad to have seen Antarctica, but this is certainly not going down as the best trip ever.

I hope we get to fly home Sunday night. That’s why Steve has to take the Tamiflu, too, so that the authorities in Buenos Aires don’t delay our departure in case he started getting sick.  Theoretically I am released from this quarantine Saturday evening.

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