The Drake Shake!!

Well, it was too good to be true. During the night, a front came in faster than expected and we now have the high winds and heaving seas that make these latitudes so notorious. We are not too far away from the first islands in the Antarctic Peninsula and it will hopefully get calmer soon. Unfortunately, the visibility is terrible, so we might not see anything anyway. I guess that’s a chance you take coming down to this part of the world. The forecast at the German-run Bernardo O’Higgins satellite receiving station near where we are supposed to go today was for partly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the low twenties, with a 25-30 MPH wind. Brrr…..

The wind leaks around a seal in our balcony door and it sounds like someone whining and moaning. A chair on the balcony next door is slamming against the partition. The bulkheads are creaking and groaning. Fun!

We had room service breakfast and are both feeling fine. I guess, in 23 cruises, we haven’t yet found the magic combination of seas that are a problem. I’m shocked that we have Internet service.

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