Lunch in the solarium, dinner at Qsine, Approaching Tierra Del Fuego, Sea Birds

When I last left off the tale of our journey, it was Tuesday morning. After coffee in our favorite coffee bar, we hung out for a while, then had a small salad for lunch in the Solarium (covered pool area). We spent some time in the Constellation Lounge on marine mammal watch, but had no luck. We did suffer through the racket of a Zumba class in the lounge. They kept stopping songs and starting other ones, all at loud volumes. Last night we had a dinner reservation at Qsine, which is a unique new dining concept on Celebrity.

Qsine is located on the 11th deck midships, just under the stack. The room is decorated in orange, black and white and has different sized chairs at each table. There are huge picture windows, which had blinds, but the setting sun was still very bright. Above a large table in the center of the room is an upside-down chandelier. The menus are on iPads, with a variety of bizarre combinations of foods. The menu screens are bright and fun and a few items have little animated videos.

We ordered the M&M combination plate and the Painter’s Filet Mignon. We also ordered Persian chicken kabobs but canceled that order because the first two shared plates were definitely more than enough food. The M&M combination had a variety of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern delicacies (hence, the M&M designation). It arrived in a rack that looked like a combination of an open suitcase and large spice rack and each little selection was in a different type of container. There were thirteen total small containers and pretty much every item was delectable. We had tabouli, hummus and tiny pita breads, falafel, lamb chops, Spanish chili (beef and lamb), tzatziki, chicken kabobs, chopped vegetables, and some delicious meat concoction that was like a sausage.

This was followed by the Painter’s Filet, which had two petite filets cooked to perfection on a plate that looked like an artist’s palette. The little side dishes in the “paint cups” included yummy mac and cheese, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and a wine reduction. No wonder we canceled the third dish. Good grief – a lot of food!

After we finished the entree, they brought over two popcorn boxes. These had little cubes that you could open in various directions to see the dessert options. Steve got the gelato silver bullet and I went for the Qsine surprise, which turned out to be a lava cake. The silver bullet looked like an old science fiction rocket ship. This was a very fun dinner and we had a nice sunset, too.

Today we woke to choppy seas and even cooler air. The ship handles the seas nicely and there is little or no motion. It is partly cloudy as we make our way towards Tierra del Fuego. The Falkland Islands are to the east. There are many more sea birds in this area; according to a wildlife spotter card I bought in the ship store, the flying birds in this area are mainly petrels and albatrosses, with a few terns and gulls thrown into the mix. Of course, the land areas are populated with many varieties of penguins and seals. We are on marine mammal watch again, as there are also quite a few whale and dolphin species in the area.

Steve has his interview with the Innovations and iLounge personnel shortly. The VIP thing continues to pay dividends as we have been invited later this afternoon on a private tour of the Engine control room! Woo-hoo!

Tomorrow we reach our first port of the cruise, which is Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost town in the world (unless you live in Puerto Williams, Chile). We are supposed to tender from the ship. We have a ship excursion that has a catamaran trip through the Beagle Channel followed by a bus excursion into Tierra del Fuego National Park.

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