Rough ride above South America, A big city, at our hotel

We both watched a movie on our flight (“Life of Pi” for Steve and the old classic “Dr. Strangelove” for me). The sound system was awful for both of us, although the screens were nice and big. We also didn’t eat very much, having grazed on junk all day.

We settled in after the movies to get some sleep. This proved to be somewhat difficult as we encountered long stints of pretty severe turbulence through most of the night and they kept announcing that everyone should remain in their seats. Perhaps it was the few wines we had or something we ate or even just adrenaline from all of the stress surrounding our departure, but we both felt nauseous while we were getting bounced around. The turbulence eased a bit after we flew over the Andes into Argentinian air space.

We landed at EZE about 11:30 am, an hour later than our scheduled arrival time. Wandering through the maze of corridors, we found our way to passport control. When we flew out of Denver and again when we were boarding our flight to Buenos Aires, the United agents checked that we had the reciprocity fee forms. You have to pay this fee in advance of traveling to Argentina and it is $160 a person. So we had these forms, our passports and the customs form (which no one ever collected). The passport guy was pretty friendly and we were on our way in a few minutes, after he took our pictures and thumb prints.

Our bags showed up (always a relief) and then we headed to the exit of the terminal building. But there was one more obstacle in our way - we had to go through an x-ray screening of our bags to enter Argentina! This was a first; they are probably looking for goods that have purchased elsewhere so they can tax their citizens in yet another way. I hope our immigration folks don’t get any ideas..

We found the booth for the transportation company (we had prepaid). We got on a bus for a thirty-minute ride to the downtown area, then were transferred to a car for the final leg to the Sheraton Libertador. Our room is on the 17th floor and we plan to take a nap shortly. We have no plans for tonight, which is probably good as we are both still feeling a little queasy. The city is huge and bustling and the weather today is gorgeous. Tomorrow will be our day of exploration.

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