In awe, a floating bar, at a classic

We are stunned by this ship! We watched our departure from Ft. Lauderdale from the Solarium Bar, at the forward end of the ship. After navigating the channel out to the Atlantic (well above most buildings in the area), we returned to the room, found our bags and unpacked. We then headed to the Boardwalk neighborhood, on deck 5 aft. There is a gorgeous wooden carousel at the entrance to the Boardwalk and we picked Johnny Rocket’s burger place, where we had a great burger while watching folks wander the area. We didn’t realize we were on a ship, except when looking at the infrastructure above disappearing into the sky.

After dinner, we wandered into the Royal Promenade and had a drink at the champagne bar while waiting to board the Rising Tide bar, an amazing structure that goes up three decks on a regularly scheduled basis to the Central Park neighborhood on deck 8. You freak out a bit when you realize the blue neon you see way up in the heavens as you ascend on this bar is around the stack on deck 4,000 or near it (a minor exaggeration).

We’re finishing out the evening at the venerable Viking Crown Lounge on Deck 17. The ships stretches in front and behind us as far as we can see (or it seems that way). This is an earth-based star ship.

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