A foggy day on the Queen

We are continuing our great circle passage to New York aboard the QM2. The great circle is the fastest route between Southampton and New York. The weather today is gloomy, with fog and rain. We haven’t been outside since Friday evening!

Our new cabin is heavenly, with no vibration or band noise; the staff quickly moved all of our stuff, including what was on the hangers, so we are quite happy with their response. We slept really well, except when we were awakened at 4:00 am when the PA system announced a “code alpha” in one of the staterooms down the hallway. I looked up the code this morning and on most cruise ships, code alpha means a major medical emergency. This person and their family are in our thoughts and prayers today.

The vibration in our first cabin on deck four aft was quite remarkable, especially in the bathroom. Steve downloaded an app for his iPhone that had a vibration analysis program that uses the accelerometers in the phone. We had significant amplitude (not sure of the frequency) in the Z-axis. Research on the Internet revealed other complaints about vibration in the aft cabins on the QM2, especially when the ship travels at top speed (27-29 Knots). This ship uses four Mermaid azipod propulsion units and two gas turbines. The azipods have had some issues on this and other ships using the technology (I believe they are manufactured by Rolls Royce). This system does make the ship very stable, but can be prone to vibration. Well, we know what cabins to avoid in the future!

We did the formal thing again last night. Steve will have a picture posted soon of our remarkable transformation to something verging on elegant. Yes, it IS rather shocking! Our table companions are very nice and we are joining one of the couples later today for a wine tasting.

The food was very good at dinner last (best so far). We both had the sirloin steak. The portions are very reasonably sized, so we are not waddling around too much. Steve and I are trying the specialty restaurant, Todd English, tomorrow night, on our final formal night.

The British passengers are all walking around looking glum today (except for the Scots) after England was trounced by Germany in the World Cup yesterday. With the elimination of the US by Ghana, “football” can now fade from the collective memories of most Americans and we can once again concentrate on real sports.

We’ll have a few more posts before our journey ends. Thanks for your comments again (Chuck - I talked a little bit about the vibration issue above).


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