QM2 Stateroom Comes With Free ‘Magic Fingers’

When I was growing up, a staple of many motels was something called “Magic Fingers.” You’d slip a quarter into a slot on the side of the bed and for five minutes or so, the bed would mightily vibrate and allegedly relax all of those muscles that had become sore from driving for ten hours in the Family Truckster.

Well, on the first night of our QM2 transatlantic voyage, we became aware of a low frequency vibration. It wasn’t very strong and we were already irritated about the noise from the band in the Queen’s Room below stateroom 4198, so we kind of ignored it. On the first full day of the trip, however, the vibration started getting bad. How bad? Think of Magic Fingers turned up to a level that feels like a small jackhammer banging on the floor, and you have an idea of night number two on the QM2.

Very quickly we got on the phone to the pursers office to gripe. They wanted to move us to another stateroom right away (we were both in our bed wear at this point), but we decided to wait until the morning to see if it was still bad.

We should have taken them up on the offer. The vibration got even worse at points during the night, and although both of us slept, it was rather fitful sleep. The first thing we did this morning after taking our amazing vibrating shower(TM) was to drop by the pursers office and request a room change. We’re moving to the very front of the ship (stateroom 6005) where we’ll feel more ship motion but won’t have to put up with a night of Magic Fingers.

We have to pack up our “small items”, but they’ll move the bags and any items hanging in our closet. So far we’re quite impressed with the ship, except for the vibro-mode, as it is a classic ocean liner. However, the food is rather unexceptional and the service has been somewhat underwhelming. I spent a few minutes this morning checking on complaints of vibration on the QM2 and found that it’s been an on and off problem since the first voyages.

We’re now cruising through fog, which is fun because you hear the horns blowing on a regular basis to warn any vessels that may be in the area. As soon as our room change is complete, we may follow up with another post.


  1. Chuck Brown Said,

    June 27, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

    As I remember the “magic fingers” from some time back, did you find out what was causing your experience? I really enjoy your descriptions of the menus you are experiencing, and your pictures for your trip , as always, have been great.

  2. Steve Said,

    June 28, 2010 @ 7:53 am

    Hi, Chuck - check out Barb’s latest post. It appears to be the propulsion pods that are used on this ship have a tendency to vibrate and also fail! Of course, if I were pushing around a 152,000 ton displacement, 1,100 foot long ship around at 30 mph, I think I’d fail, too!

    After over two weeks at sea, we’re going to be each to get back home and back to the normal routine.

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