Cruising on the QM2

Well, here we are, on our way to New York on the magnificent and gigantic QM2! We hung around the hotel until about 2:00, then took a cab to the dock. The check-in process was dreadfully slow, but we finally made it to our room around 3:30 PM. We have an inside cabin and thought about trying to get an upgrade, but we were pleasantly surprised by the size of our cabin and its decor and lighting, so we will stick it out, unless the disco (one floor below), is loud. We are in cabin 4198 (fourth deck aft, port side, inside) if anyone is interested in looking up the deck plans at

This ship is amazing, an elegant and beautifully decorated labyrinth of bars, lounges, restaurants, shops, public areas and other mysterious places that will take five full days to explore. The QM2 is a true ocean-going vessel, designed with a deep draft hull, faster propulsion system and roll stabilizers that are meant for northern Atlantic voyages.

We have a table for six in the Britannia Room dining room and had a nice dinner (not super gourmet, but quite acceptable). Our table mates are all fellow Yanks, a couple from Monterey who is on their third straight cruise on this ship and another couple from Alameda, CA.

Now we are sitting in the Commodore Club, a lounge far forward on the ship on deck nine, looking out at the beautiful sunset as we sail past the Isle of Wight. I think we are about four miles from our cabin (we’ll measure the distance on our way back).

Same crappy Internet, unfortunately, but we will do our best to keep you updated. Steve posted more pictures today from our Mouse cruise. We’re glad that we are having this experience on the QM2.

Oh, one last thing from our evening in Southampton - we had a fantastic dinner in a place known as the White Star Tavern, across the street from the Grapes Pub. We had fresh trout, fat chips (gorgeous fried potato chunks) and artisan breads with local Hampshire butter. Absolutely killer bee!

Cheerio from the Queen!

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