Winding down on the Mouse

We’re relaxing now on our second-to-last day on our Disney Magic cruise. We slept in this morning, waking up to the sound of the ship’s foghorn. It has now cleared up, with sunny skies and a very chilly wind. Our weather has been fantastic on this trip, with very little rain and decent temperatures for latitudes near 60 degrees north.

Later this evening we pass under a huge bridge between two Danish islands. We missed seeing the Great Belt bridge, which was finished in 1998 and is the second largest suspension bridge in the world, on our way into the Baltic (we went to bed about 15 minutes before we passed under the bridge after we left Copenhagen, not realizing that we were that close) but we are hopeful we will get to experience it on the return trip. Apparently, the clearance for the Mouse is pretty tight because of the height of the stacks. The Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, passed under this bridge after it left the shipyard in Finland heading to the Caribbean to go into service. From what I understand, the Oasis crew removed and lowered top deck superstructures, maximized the ballast load, and went at top speed to sink lower into the water, clearing the bridge by two feet! Royal Caribbean will have to repeat this stunt when Allure of the Seas (same size as Oasis, at 212,000 tons) goes into service next year. I guess they are not planning any Baltic cruises with those ships and hopefully they have contracted with another company for dry dock work.

Our plans for today include seeing “Toy Story 3” at 2:00 pm, doing some shopping and trying not to eat too much after our huge dinner at Palo last night.

Tomorrow is packing day, which is always a treat! I cannot figure out why dirty clothes seem to expand in volume; it would make for a fascinating experiment (or maybe not) to determine the changes in the material properties of soiled socks. Perhaps dirty socks really do become radioactive.

I guess the pesky volcanoes in Iceland are still being quiet, so our precautionary transatlantic cruise on the QM2 was unnecessary, but it will be an interesting experience. We will both weigh about 400 pounds after stuffing our faces for three weeks.

Tomorrow I plan to post a quick summary of our experience on the Mouse.

Go USA – beat Algeria!

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