Bored at Miami International

Well, we have come crashing back to reality. We disembarked Regatta at 8:45 AM and arrived at the airport soon after. Our United flight doesn’t depart until 5:30 pm, so we can’t even check our bags until 2:30. The main terminal of this airport is pathetic, with very few services and limited seating.

We walked quite a distance to a Chili’s, one of the only restaurants in the pre-security area, where we have been treated to the sound of constant coughing from of one of the hostesses, obviously suffering from a nasty cold.

A strange service is offered here – you can get your luggage wrapped in many layers of plastic. It appears to be popular with travelers heading to Caribbean & South American destinations, which makes me wonder if they unload baggage in those countries with pitchforks.

Because we have all of our bags with us on a cart we have to sit near the outside of the restaurant. Our waitress is now going to make us move to a smaller table, requiring us to move everything with us. Many people on our cruise chose to fly through Ft. Lauderdale airport; they were indeed wise in their choice. I will reserve the cussing to the dear reader’s imagination.

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