Trivia Dominance, Cruise Ends, At the Marriott in Copenhagen

We had our final team trivia game yesterday at 3:00 pm. Our team, which changed its name almost every game just to have fun with our cruise director, Nolan, came in first on a pretty tough series of questions in the last game. We ended up with 113 Big-O points, which garnered a blue t-shirt and black moisture wicking shirt for Steve and a baseball hat for me. Alas, the shirts were not in walrus sizes, so I had to settle for the hat.

We finished out the evening chatting with Ron and Marge and other folks and ate outside at the Terrace Cafe. It was a beautiful evening and we saw lots of boat traffic in the busy zone that transitions into the North Sea from the Baltic. The seas in this area were also filled with jellyfish. There was an unexpected guest sitting on the Terrace railing – a banded pigeon! Everyone eating dinner outside felt sorry for the poor thing, who was now inadvertently heading to a strange land in Denmark. The crew left the bird alone, with a glass of water nearby. We didn’t see it this morning, so we hope it survived and will be found by a pigeon keeper,

Nautica had a delayed arrival in Copenhagen due to thick fog that came in. We still disembarked on time, found our bags, got in the taxi queue (which moved very quickly) and are now sitting in the coffee bar at the beautiful Marriott hotel on the inner harbor. We plan to take the hop on, hop off bus around the city, then go on one of the canal boat trips. The sun is now out in full force as the fog dissipates.

More from Copenhagen this evening…

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