Sizzling Copenhagen, Cooking on the Canal, Relaxing at the Inner Harbor

After relaxing at the Marriott for a while this morning and having more coffee, we bought tickets on the City Sightseeing Hop-On, Hop-Off bus and for the canal boat tour from the concierge. We got on the bus around 10:45 and took it all the way around to see the sights. The seats upstairs weren’t that great for photos, but we did enjoy it as the temperature increased. The tour included quite a few stops at various tourist attractions around the city, including a short photo stop at the Little Mermaid Statue, which was not in Copenhagen three years ago. We had to switch buses near Tivoli Gardens to continue through the stops again. We got off near the Storget, the shopping district, to be near the canal boat entrance. We found a very nice sidewalk cafe close by with an empty table in the shade (not an easy task today) and had a sandwich and beverages, along with access to a restroom before the boat trip. This cafe was called the Europa Cafe 1989 and we shared a terrific club sandwich and they even sold a cookbook in their main restaurant area. The temperature was getting warmer and warmer and people were out in droves. We saw many folks from the ship wandering about, enjoying Copenhagen before flying home soon. The city is one giant construction zone everywhere, as they waste taxpayer money – ahem, cough, cough, excuse me – spend infrastructure funds on a metro underground system project that will take years to finish.

We wandered over to the canal boat entrance around 1:00 pm. By this point, it was downright hot. The line was fairly long and we finally got seats by an open window in the center area, which is partially covered. We thought we would head out with a decent sized crowd on the boat (not full), but unfortunately some huge Japanese tour group showed up at the last minute and filled every available remaining seat. Now it was almost unbearable on the boat and we finally set off, blessedly getting a little bit of a breeze as we moved.

This was an identical tour to the one we took in 2010 with Disney Magic. The weather conditions, however, were completely different. In June 2010, we had very cool temperatures, wind, and threatening clouds. Today, it was in the low eighties, with no breeze and bright sunshine. We were crammed like sardines into a stifling boat and I kept expecting one of the more delicate types on board to upchuck right near me due to a little bit of boat wake, the smell of diesel fumes and the hot, glaring sun. Thankfully, that did not occur. We went past many of the same sights we saw before, and we eagerly awaited the end of this ordeal. We did get one last glimpse of Nautica, which sailed out tonight on a 10-day Baltic cruise (34 passengers from our cruise stayed on for this cruise).

After we got off the boat ride that was not nearly as fun as Pirates of the Caribbean, we stumbled to the nearest sidewalk cafe to have ice cold cokes and cool off. We walked a short distance after recovering, then found a pedicab to take us to the Nyhavn area (literally, new harbor), which has many sidewalk cafes and colorful buildings. The pedicab guy cycled like a bat out of hell, zig-zagging through the streets, taking curbs at high speeds, and finally screeching to a halt at the entrance to Nyhavn, which also featured more canal boat queues that were ridiculously long. We wandered down the pavement, looking for any open table in the shade among the dozens of sidewalk cafes. Finally, we spotted a shaded table at a place and sat down. We realized we were in front of a “gentlemen’s club”, but shrugged it off and had two tall and cool Tuborg special beers. I had to visit the lady’s room, which was actually in the men’s room and I was very glad we didn’t order any food from the “Hong Kong” cafe in the lower level of the strip club. The restroom wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, either. The crowd at Nyhavn was huge, wandering back and forth and an empty table, especially one in the shade, had a turnaround time of roughly ten seconds.

We walked to the entrance of Nyhavn and found the taxi queue and took one back to the hotel. We got our room, keys, our bags were delivered and we are sitting out at the waterfront bar, watching the nonsense in the inner harbor area. We have seen fast boats, slow boats, jet skies, tour boats, kayaks, rowing sculls, people swimming and diving near both sides of the harbor, bikes, skateboards, joggers, walkers, baby prams, and racing motorcycles (on the other side). The temperature is cooling off a bit and we will probably go to the room soon to plug in devices and get a good night’s sleep. We get breakfast tomorrow and will leave about 10:30 to go to the airport.

Almost home!!

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