A good night’s sleep, a dock area dating back to Queen Elizabeth (the first), grumpy cats in line, on board Nautica!

Happy Independence Day!! No sign of that here, unless they celebrate getting rid of us in 1776.

We had a relaxing evening, slept in, and worked our way through a leisurely breakfast. We had every intention of getting up this morning and trekking over to the Tate British art museum, but it did not happen.

Our driver picked us up at 11:45 am. This was a much better experience, except he did drive like he was trying out for the Grand Prix. He is a retired banker who is paying off the last two years of a mortgage by working for a private transfer service. We had a pleasant conversation all the way out to Tilbury and there was no road rage.

The Port of Tilbury, according to our driver, was the approximate location of the gathering of the British fleet to sail out to meet the Spanish Armada in battle and the site of a famous “rally the troops” speech by Queen Elizabeth. Later on, the port was developed for emigrant ships to Australia and to process immigrants from the West Indies. The facility is very small. Due to the limited facilities, we walked into a waiting room full of grumpy cat imitators, all frowning because they had to wait for a while to board. We boarded about an hour after we arrived and are finishing up a light (and yummy) lunch at the Terrace Cafe.

Our room is ready and the lifeboat drill is at 4:15 pm. We’re on our way soon!!

More later! Plus pictures will probably start flowing in when we arrive in Oslo in Saturday (day at sea tomorrow).

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