At sea, on our way to Barcelona: Zombies chill out (or heat up?); the bars make out like bandits

We slept in this morning, having a fantastic, long night of sleep. We kept the veranda door open and listened to the sea.

We are cruising about 15 miles of the coast of Spain on our way to Barcelona. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, very warm and sunny. The pool area is packed with people frying on the loungers and many heads are bobbing in the pool like Japanese macaques.

We have been pacing several container vessels and freighters today, going at a sedate clip (probably 12 knots) on placid seas. We have had lots of good Internet time; I posted a positive story about the Marina drinks and Internet packages on Cruise Critic (no responses yet). We’re currently imbibing a very expensive French champagne to up our average daily bar bill (we bought the unlimited bar menu drink package and it has worked out well).

Shortly, we are going to the room to cram stuff into suitcases in a hilarious attempt to pack ahead of our day-long tour tomorrow; our bags must be outside our rooms by 10:30 pm tomorrow night, We have not bought very much on this trip – we have some small bottles of cognac, some magnets to hold up our refrigerator, a fold-out guide to the Bayeux tapestry, and three small art works of Lisbon from street artists. I don’t need to bring home the entire contents of a crapola emporium anymore to remember our journey.

Tonight, we have our last specialty restaurant reservation, at 6:30 pm, in the Polo Club (steakhouse). We have been starving ourselves all day!

I’m a bit worried about the tour tomorrow – I am so stiff and sore, which is starting to include the new knees, and we are going with 6 other people to Monserrat and Cava. I want to go at my pace, so hopefully that will be acceptable (we started this tour with Barcelona Day Tours and originally intended it to be just for us). We had one couple bail out because her hip is bothering her (and she is much younger). Well, we hope for the best.

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