Concarneau, France: A weird drone, Doggy Town and a relaxing day

We anchored off Concarneau, France (also in Brittany) this morning (Sunday, September 16). I already noted that we decided to bail out of our tour today, sleep in and take it easy. Although my knees are doing well, other joints have been acting up and I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold.

We slept until 9:00, then went up to the Horizons bar for a continental breakfast. It was an overcast day; we watched a few boats cruising by to check out our ship, then noted a strange event where a group of four men on a Zodiac launched a helicopter – type drone that flew near the ship.

Being a paranoid type, I asked a crew member to report this to the bridge. The small drone was also flown near the tender vessels. Apparently, after this was reported, the drone fly-bys ceased. I don’t like actions like this, regardless of how innocent they appear, especially with current events.

We hopped on the tender for the surprisingly long ride into town. Concarneau has a small medieval fortress in the center of town that is the main attraction. We walked over there and we were pleasantly surprised that there were very few cobblestones anywhere, but lots of gorgeous flowers. The fortress area also has charming shops and sidewalk cafes, so of course we settled in for a beverage. The weather was overcast, but pleasant.

We quickly found out that Concarneau is a city dominated by doggies, with their accompanying people. We got a kick out of watching the dogs and their owners out for a Sunday stroll and lunch. We finally wandered back to the tender to go back to the ship to have a nice lunch ourselves and relax with our blog updates.

We’re off to dinner shortly (Terrace cafe). Tomorrow we take a tour to Heartburn Central, AKA the cognac distilleries near La Rochelle, France.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

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  1. Sharon Williams Said,

    September 16, 2012 @ 8:29 pm

    The pictures are great and you both look so happy. What a wonderful trip and looks like your weather is pretty good. We leave tomorrow night on a direct flight to London. Your blogs make me so excited to get to Europe. Plus they just crack me up — you are so funny and have the best attitude! Cruise number 20 and you’re not even retired yet. You and Steve have a great rest of your trip and we need to get together when you return.

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