The world situation and the weather

Greetings! We realize that we have neglected to post two things abut our journey so far – the weather we have had and our concerns for the current world situation.

First, the weather:
London was cool and windy, but we did not get rain (stunning development, I know). Bruges was delightful, mid-60’s and partly cloudy, with no rain. Le Havre and Normandy today were cool, windy and overcast at times, with a few brief showers, but also periods of sun and blue skies (more on our day in Le Havre soon).

We are in a suite on the far forward starboard side of deck 11 (the mirror opposite of our penthouse last year on the Jewels of the Aegean cruise). Last year, the seas were like glass; this year, we are getting lots of movement. We don’t suffer from Mal-de-mer (at least so far, on 20 cruises), but the noise and banging of the bow in the waves is quite noticeable during the night.

Now, the world situation: We are concerned, like most folks would be, about the lunatic escalation of violence in the Middle East and North Africa. Our last port before Barcelona is Casablanca, Morocco, on September 24. I sincerely hope that the management of Oceania Cruise Lines is vigilant and does not put their passengers at risk (this would include ramping up security at all ports).

Hopefully, this insanity will blow over before we get to Casablanca, although the actions of our current administration do not bring comfort or a sense that they will do the right things to stop this nonsense. It has nothing to do with an incredibly obscure movie (which is protected speech under the first amendment – sorry to those who wrongly think that banning something like this is the answer), but everything to do with the lack of a legitimate and strong foreign policy. Ironically, we visited a D-Day museum in Arromanches today, seeing the end result that is required when you appease the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last.

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  1. Sharon Williams Said,

    September 15, 2012 @ 1:55 pm

    Barb & Steve
    Love the Posts. So happy the wallet thing turned out. We had a similar situation on one of our adventures. Stan & I Leave Monday night for London. We will be gone for two weeks. We have many of the same stops so can’t wait to read about your adventures. Take care of Neil & Buzz and have fun fun fun!

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