At sea, wandering aimlessly between Dover and Zeebrugge

Day three of our adventure continues… We woke up this morning, put our bags out and wandered downstairs for the ridiculously expensive continental breakfast. We anxiously awaited the arrival of our heroic taxi driver, with Steve’s wallet. He finally showed up at 9:30 am; Steve got a call and met him in the lobby, rewarding this fine gent with our remaining quid (£50), a virtual hug, and then set about verifying our bags for the cruise transfer.

Steve called the credit card company and determined that we are good again, although they recommended email alerts for any foreign transactions. Boy, are we blessed!

We boarded the bus for our 2 hour transfer to Dover. We arrived and got checked in for our Penthouse suite on deck 11. I walked through a traditional metal detector and was promptly awarded with alarms and a very intrusive pat down by a kindly grandmother-type from nearby Kent. It was still not pleasant.

We boarded and purchased our beverage package (already in the plus zone after one day). We also signed up for an unlimited Internet data package, and so far it is quite a bit faster and we don’t have to sweat it if we accidentally stayed logged on.

Our butler is Xavier, from Mumbai, India. He is a gem! Our bags were rather late being delivered, but we did get them before the lifeboat drill at 5:15 pm, thanks to his efforts.

After the drill, over 100 of us met in the Horizons lounge on deck 15. We were all members of the Roll Call on Cruise Critic. I joined ths Roll Call in March. 2011, right after we booked the cruise (second ony to Darrel, who tracked all of the names). As usual, I felt like the geek at an aging Prom Queen convention, until I mentioned my forum name (Rubysue). Obviously, many people liked what I wrote and recognized me as the lady with the knee replacements and we also found most of the folks we are going with on private tours.

Cruise Critic Roll Call Meet & Greet

We ate at the Terrace Cafe tonight (a buffet on steroids) and it was fantastic!! I had a charcuterie plate, followed by grilled lamb chops and other stuff. We are now sitting in our room enjoying the evening as we arduously cruise the 71 knots between Dover and Zeebrugge.

More tomorrow!



  1. PAIGE Said,

    September 15, 2012 @ 1:39 pm

    I would have been so panicked if I had lost my wallet that I would not have been able to eat! I can imagine how worried you must have been. On the positive side thank goodness it was not a iPhone or iPad that got lost. Blessings to the honest passenger that found Steve’s wallet and the taxi driver that returned it to you! Happy trails with no more mishaps!

  2. Darrell (2 l's) Said,

    September 30, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, though navigating from the beginning to the end is complicated now that our cruise is over.

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