At the always exciting Dulles airport

We’re in the United Club at the east end of the C/D concourse at IAD. Our flight from Denver was very smooth and arrived a little early. As usual, the plane was packed – glad we splurged on business class for this trip, which translated to first class this morning.

No problems with security in Denver – I guess as long as you submit to the full body scanner, they don’t care if you are full of metal joints.

Of course we did pull in at gate D18 here, which is almost all the way to the west end of the concourse. C4 is almost all the way to the east end. I did great walking this vast distance, ony having to stop once as we trekked through the endless kiosks of junk, tiny crowded bars, stores selling Obama and Romney t-shirts, and groups of clueless people wandering aimlessly. The last three times I was in this airport I was using a wheelchair. I felt strangely tall walking through here today, like I was towering over everyone else.

Flash to anyone that uses the United Club: This version of that club charges for drinks, contrary to the information I had from United. At least it’s quiet in here – we just watched a 777 pull in at gate C7 across from where we’re sitting, arriving from Munich, which was entertaining to watch as they worked on processing the plane.

Our flight departs just after 6:00 pm. We’ll hopefully send an update from the UK tomorrow. Cheerio!

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