On-board Marina; a final look back at Venice

We boarded Marina this afternoon, after checking out of the Westin and taking a water taxi to the cruise terminal. Our stateroom, a Penthouse Suite on deck 11 forward port side, is absolutely spectacular (we upgraded in early August). We settled in on our verandah, sipping champagne and watching every conceivable mode of transportation (except space vehicles and submarines) at this location on the far west side of Venice. Of course we nodded off, relaxed and happy to be heading out soon on our cruise.

Tonight at 8:00 pm, we eat at Jacques, one of the specialty restaurants on Marina.

We sail tomorrow night (Thursday) at midnight. We’re staying on board all day tomorrow, sleeping in, exploring the ship and taking a culinary class in the afternoon.

Of course now we begin the era of slow, expensive ship Internet, but we’ll post often anyway.

We just loved our second visit to Venice, even more than the first in 1995. The Westin was spectacular and we really relaxed, having fun exploring the narrow streets (except for the innumerable bridges, a real problem for my knees). We will try to post a few more photos tomorrow (fingers crossed -really dislike MTN and the slow Internet service on ships).


The winged lion is the symbol of St. Mark and of Venice

A small part of our big penthouse suite on Marina

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