A relaxing day in Venice

Today was probably the best example of a perfect vacation day for our point of view. We did … not a heck of a lot.

We slept in (still trying to recover from jet lag) and then went downstairs for an expensive breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Remind us not to do that again… While we were eating breakfast, we saw the “Crystal Serenity” cruise ship being accompanied into the harbor in Venice with two tugs. We’ve since seen a couple more cruise ships departing Venice, and it’s amazing how they tower over the city.

Anyway, we spent most of the day wandering around the city. Barb did a great job of going over the many little bridges that we could not traverse with the wheelchair. When we finally got a little worn out, we’d stop at a little canal or piazza-side restaurant for refreshments.

At one point we found a small mask shop that we’d seen yesterday – it was unique in that they hand made masks (usually made of papier maché) out of leather. We have a wall covered with cat masks made all over the world, so we were able to pick up a beautiful leather mask.

Now we’re out on the same patio we were on last night. The meteorologists were wrong, as usual. We were us supposed to have rain today, but it was beautiful and sunny – though not too warm — all day. This location on the Grand Canal is stunning, and I could stay here all day.

Tomorrow we catch our ship, which apparently came in earlier today. We’ll spend all of Thursday on the ship – we’ve already done our wandering around Venice, so Thursday will be our day to become familiar with Marina.

Here are some other sights from today:

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