Ready to roll; United gives us a scare

We returned from a short weekend trip to Seattle for the wedding of my nephew yesterday, so today was a good day to check out our flight options for the upcoming trip. All of the flights showed the same status as before except for the trip from Frankfurt to Chicago at the end of the trip. We had reservations for seats 3C and 3D in First Class, but when Barb checked today the reservations showed her in 1H and there was no seat assigned to me.

While the thought of staying in Frankfurt indefinitely is intriguing, I really didn’t want to. Barb checked with United and found out that the aircraft configuration had changed. We’re now on a 777 with First Class suites, and there are only two rows of them instead of three. We are in the center two suites – 1C and 1H – and ready to go!

I do want to check our flights on Lufthansa tomorrow, since I was told last week that we couldn’t get seat assignments until we check in 23 hours or less before the flights. That’s unacceptable to me, since we need to make sure that Barb has an aisle seat for accessibility reasons. I guess we’ll find out soon…

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