Fun in Copenhagen!

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark, the largest capitol city in Scandinavia! The weather here today was very cool today (upper 50’s), with mostly cloudy skies.

If you are dying to see pictures, please be patient. As usual, the cruise ship Internet is woeful; Steve tried for a long time last night to load a measly four photos & finally gave up. If someone could finance a replacement to the aging INMARSAT system, they could make a fortune!

We are back on the Mouse after a very fun morning excursion that included an exclusive tour and free time in Tivoli Gardens before the public is allowed to enter, plus we had two free ride tickets. We rode the historic wooden roller coaster, which was built in 1914. This classic coaster requires a manual braking system, so an attendant rides along in a center seat to control the brake. It was a very gentle and charming ride, with lots of nice clattering wood sounds.

Tivoli Gardens, which opened in 1843, is a very beautiful place, full of flower gardens, fountains, lakes, restaurants, colored lights, fun rides, shops and magnificent trees. Walt Disney was inspired by this historic amusement park; he visited it several times in the early 1950s to do research for Disneyland.

This fun experience was followed by a lovely tour on a canal boat through the city canals & harbor, with fantastic views of Copenhagen landmarks. We saw many historic buildings, new (and bold) architecture, and passed under several extremely low bridges (you could touch the bottom of several bridges while sitting down). Copenhagen is a city that blends historic architecture with striking new “Danish Modern” buildings, like the brand new cantilevered roof opera house. The canals had quite a few swans swimming along with their youngsters. We also saw some of the royal palaces; Queen Margaret was apparently home, but she did not wave at our group.

We saw hundreds of people commuting on bicycles in this “eco-friendly” city. Copenhagen gets some of its electrical power from huge off-shore wind turbines near the main ocean channel. I’m not a wind power fan because they are unsightly, unreliable and have a tendency to kill birds and bats, but I guess it is popular over here. Solar would certainly not work!

The downside today: We brought the stupid wheelchair again on this tour, which I hate with a white hot fury, but probably not as much as Steve; unfortunately, my knee is not doing very well, so we really had no choice. There were the requisite hassles with able-bodied folks from our ship racing & grabbing the first rows on the bus and then glaring at me when I hobbled on, plus we had the horrid European sidewalks littered with cobblestones and other obstacles. Our tour guide in Tivoli Gardens, who is the manager of the ride operations, walked next to us during part of the tour telling us how “disabled” citizens in Copenhagen had given them high ratings; while she was doing this spiel with a perfectly straight face, Steve was struggling to push me through deep gravel. Oh, the irony…

Oh, well, it was a nice day, all in all. Dinner was good last night (yay!), and we are enjoying these tidy & interesting cities. Off to Warnemude, Germany for our next stop.


  1. Craig Hansen Said,

    June 15, 2010 @ 10:01 am

    Barb & Steve: We miss you guys…the Rockies are on a roll. Send some pictures of you guys drinking warm beer. Craig

  2. Barb Said,

    June 18, 2010 @ 2:40 am

    Hi, Craig!

    Having a great time, but we are eating too much! We will have great pictures in the next few days. We’re in St. Petersburg, Russia now (through tomorrow night).

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