A look back at Sunday, June 13

Howdy, folks! Steve will have an update soon talking about our whirlwind tour of sea-farers museums in Oslo. He will also post a couple of cool photos after we download them to our iPads.

I’m posting this update to finish out what happened on Sunday, since our last post was early in the day yesterday.

We missed the cooking demo yesterday afternoon due to a power shopping expedition in the Mouse boutiques, buying practically every logo item available for this inaugural Baltic cruise before they were all snapped up by the Disney fanatics. Then we attended a lecture on St. Petersburg, where Steve promptly fell asleep for the entire hour. I managed to stay awake & found the lecture rather interesting; I’m certainly looking forward to our visit to that historic Russian city.

After the lecture, we sat in the Promenade Bar on deck three aft, enjoying views of the North Sea through the big windows (described as “rough” in our Sunday noon briefing by the Captain), while Steve downed multiple caffeinated beverages to try & wake up. This part of the ocean has more ship traffic than anyplace else we have cruised, with container ships, tankers, ferries, & oil platform servicing ships. Fascinating!

While we sat & enjoyed games & books on our iPads, we were also entertained by the occasional visit by a Disney character, including Goofy, Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck – very cute. One of the passengers at the early seating was dressed to the nines; Daisy Duck, in her nice formal “feathers” asked him to dance & they both had a great time, dancing like professionals & getting a lot of attention. The man’s son (~ 10 years old) was mortified.

Sunday evening was formal night (recommended), so we also dressed up and had dinner in Lumiere’s, the French restaurant on the rotation. Only one of our table companions showed up; her husband was seasick, a common problem yesterday. Dinner was not that great, to be perfectly honest. The appetizer I had was very good, as was the dessert, but the Beef Wellington was dry & flavorless. Our server Jessyca is extremely astute – she noted that we were not that happy with dinner & she plans to keep an eye on the situation. We have been on three previous Disney cruises & have enjoyed the food, so we’re a little concerned after two so-so dinners. Steve wonders if they are cooking things in advance & keeping them warm, because the food comes out very quickly now, which is a departure from previous experiences with long wait times for the main entrees. Hmmmmmm….

Well, that’s all for now. Steve has a post following this one about our day in Oslo. We’ll also post a few pictures.

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