Cruising the North Sea; a Squeaky Mouse

Greetings! It’s a sunny & very chilly Sunday cruising north on our way to Oslo, Norway.

Our cabin situation was resolved around 6:30 pm last night and we were moved to cabin 7534 on the starboard side of the seventh deck & far away from any launderettes. The cruise is not completely sold out, which is a bit surprising considering the level of devotion Disney cruisers have for new adventures on Disney Magic. We had both complained several times to guest services all afternoon after boarding, but we finally got some action from a chief Purser (a wonderful and kind young lady from Jamaica) after I expressed extreme disappointment in how two loyal Disneyphiles had been treated.

I could not spend more than five minutes in our original assigned room 6588 due to the extremely strong smell of detergent & fabric softener (not good for asthma). Steve also noticed that the area was very noisy, with lots of people congregating in the launderette and hallway. None of the ship deck plans showed this launderette, so we had no idea that we would have this situation before we boarded. Thank goodness everything was resolved and we really like our new cabin. The Mouse is back in our good graces.

We unpacked (finally), following the rules of “happy tidy, tidy happy” that I had instituted many years years ago on one of our first cruises, making sure we put everything in its proper place (no clothes draped over chairs or tech stuff scattered about).

Dinner was at 8:30 and our rotation started in Parrot Cay, the Caribbean-themed restaurant. We have a table for four, which we shared with a couple from Toronto. Our head server is a nice young lady named Jessyca, who hails from Peru. The food was pretty good (we both had seafood risotto), but not outstanding.

We had to set our clocks forward an hour last night & we were exhausted, so it was straight to bed after dinner. During the night we had mild rolling seas develop, waking us up when the bulkheads started squeaking and banging (one consistent problem with a moving ship on a moving ocean). Hence the situation alluded to in the title above (the squeaking “Mouse”).

Off to a cooking demo soon; we may kill the afternoon watching “Up” in 3D digital in the nice movie theater.

More soon!

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