Last day on Regatta

Well, our last day Oceania Cruises Regatta is dwindling away. It’s a gorgeous day, calm and not too hot.

Last night we ate at the Polo Club for the last time on this cruise. It was superb – Steve had the filet mignon and I had the surf & turf. We slept in, had a light breakfast, and packed most of our stuff already.

We finally tried the pizza today at lunch and it was great. We plan to eat in the main dining room one more time, then we’ll start worrying about how much weight we gained (I was at a new low on Weight Watchers just before the cruise, having dropped almost 41 pounds, so I’m sure I will have to lose a few again).

Overall, the cruise was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Highlights: The food (awesome), the low-key atmosphere, the bar & waiter staff, seeing whales in the Caribbean, sitting on our veranda, our trip on the Yellow Submarine, meeting some great people on the cruise, visiting St. Bart’s, Virgin Gorda, the Dominican Republic, Antigua and Grand Turk. Lowlights: The incredibly rude and snobby Oceania cruises ambassador (his job is to sell future cruises to people; he fails miserably at this task and should be fired), the visits to Dominica, Tortola & St. Lucia (all quite disappointing) & the Destinations staff on the ship (unhelpful and unfriendly).

We would recommend Oceania cruises to others & will certainly do another cruise with them soon, but the jury is still out on our “favorite” cruise line. We plan to do our fourth cruise on Disney in June, our 12-day Baltic adventure, and have rated them very, very high in the past. Many of the guests on this cruise were appalled that we like Disney (“all those kids, too many people, yada, yada”), but I am quite fond of the high standards of “The Mouse”. Well, we can enjoy both types of cruises and that’s fine with us.

Hope you have enjoyed our updates. We’ll probably post one more time from the Miami airport tomorrow.

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