What do you do with a day at sea?

Today is one of the two days at sea that we have before getting to Miami, which begs the question – what do you do when you’re not running around on some island?

The answer is quite simple. You can do as little or as much as you want to. Today, we decided to sleep in for a while, since we always like to sleep in when we can and we didn’t have a shore excursion to run off to. After we had breakfast out on the Terrace, we decided to go do the daily trivia quiz (which we “cheated” on by searching Google for answers we didn’t know), and then watch a cooking demonstration by the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef on the Regatta.

The Executive Chef is a gregarious Frenchman by the name of Renald Macouin, while the Executive Sous Chef is a non-smiling German named Thorsten Czap. The interplay between the two was very funny, and they kept up a good patter as they showed how to make a ratatouille with scallops and “Veal Medallions, Mushrooms Ragout, Sautéed Apple Flambé with Calvados and Normandy Cream Sauce”.

After that, we went to one of the shops on the Regatta where Barb shopped and I went into bored husband mode. Fortunately, Barb is about as excited about shopping as I am, so we were out of there in a few minutes. Then we popped back up to our favorite little grill (Waves) for lunch. That’s where I’m writing this post right now.

Since we’re getting close to the end of the trip, there are some administrative tasks that we have to take care of. Those tasks include filling out the U.S. Customs declaration form, making sure that we have enough “Green Number One” luggage tags for our two bags and the travel wheelchair, and thinking about how to pack all of our dirty clothes into the bags again.

Tonight we have a 7:30 PM reservation in the Polo Club onboard steakhouse, followed by Brainteaser Trivia with Willie Aames (yes, the former child actor from Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge). We have been doing this with a team for quite a few nights, and we’re winning on a regular basis. Since you have to rack up a lot of points to actually “buy” your prize, we ended up giving our Big O points to one of our team members on her birthday (March 17th).

We always try to spend some time either on the deck or our verandah right around sunset, and we’ve been rewarded with some spectacular sunsets so far. It’s a great way to relax, and that’s what cruising is all about.

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