Virgin Gorda – yet another great day

I’m going to start off by telling you a little about what we did yesterday afternoon and evening after I posted about St. Bart’s. We were hanging out on our verandah after having a lovely day on the island, and at one point we heard a loud “Pssssshhhhh”. Looking over the side, we saw a huge mother humpback whale and her baby swimming alongside the ship. We yelled so that others who might have been on their verandahs could also take a look, and at least one other person saw what we were looking at. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to take any photos — we were too stunned by what we saw.

Last night was a lot of fun. We ate at the Terrace rather than at Toscana, and we were able to join our trivia team. We’ve now won a couple nights in a row, and have also gotten several second place wins as well. This morning we awoke slightly later than usual for our day at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Virgin Gorda is a stone’s throw from Tortola, which we visited earlier in the cruise. From the island, you can see St. John’s and St. Thomas in the U.S.V.I., as well as many of the smaller British Virgin Islands.

We took the tender over to Spanish Town, the main port on this sparsely populated (5,000 people) island. We got on a tour bus that was surprisingly similar to the open air trucks we used in Africa, and went to the highest point of the island to take a look around. We stopped a place called “The Mine Shaft” on the way back down to have some drinks (the omnipresent rum punch), and take in the views. We then traveled on to the site that the island is known for — The Baths. This is an area where a lot of HUGE house-sized granite boulders are strewn around a beach area, and you have to climb through and beneath them to get to the beach. It’s a lot of fun, although Barb was unable to join me due to her knee issues.

I went all the way over to Devil’s Beach, which is a nice snorkeling area surrounded by more o the large boulders, and then returned to the bar at the top of the hill. Barb was there with a couple who are professional photographers — the man is named “Steve” so he’s obviously a nice guy — and we had a few drinks. I walked down to the beach again to grab a bag of sand for my friend Paige Hoebel, and then we were ready to head on back to the ship. We had missed our bus, but the driver had come back and was waiting for us. He took the other couple under his wing, and we all headed back to the port to catch a tender back to the ship. This was our last tender trip; we now have two days at sea before arriving back at Miami for our trip back home.

Virgin Gorda is a nice little island; it seems fairly laid back, the poverty is under control, and the people are really nice. I think the last two ports on this trip — Virgin Gorda and St. Bart’s — were really the nicest. I’d come back to either of them in a heartbeat. We’ll sail for Miami here in a few hours, and we’ll be sure to let you know what we do over the next two days on board.

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