Our first day at sea

We’ve now been on the ship a little over 24 hours. We arrived at the Oceania Regatta at Terminal J of the Port of Miami close to noon on March 9th, and since we’re on the Concierge Level of the ship, we were allowed to board at our leisure.

As soon as we arrived, we went to the Terrace Deck aft and had a small lunch, soaking up some much-needed sun in the process. We waited until about 2 PM, then went down to our cabin.

Shortly after arriving in the cabin our bags arrived, and we busied ourselves for a few minutes putting our clothes away. I tried to do a time-lapse video of this, which would have been a hoot, but unfortunately I goofed up on the movie and didn’t capture it. Oh, well – at least I can try again in June.

The cruise line provided a free bottle of a nice Rioja from Argentina, as well as a bottle of French champagne. We had the champagne yesterday afternoon while watching the “stately parade of forklifts” that were loading the ship with food. That’s something we’ve never watched before, and we were both amazed and amused by the process. There was a rather portly officer from the ship who kept sampling the food as it was coming up on pallets; now I know why he’s fat.

During sailing, we located ourselves in the Horizons Lounge, located forward on Deck 10 (our stateroom, 7100, is toward the aft of deck 7) and had some wine while we left the Port of Miami and headed out to sea.

Dinner was on our schedule in the main dining room, and we both had delicious Cornish game hens on a barley risotto. The food, as expected, is wonderful on this ship and we’ll have to watch out or we’ll both end up gaining weight!

After dinner we headed back down to the room. At one point, Barb was going to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and since I was sitting out on the verandah with the sliding glass door open, there was a strong breeze that blew the door shut. Barb pounded on the door for quite a while before I heard her and “rescued” her from the hall.

The bed on this ship is wonderful — much more comfortable than the one we have at home. As a result, we both slept soundly and woke up at about 9 AM this morning. We had a small breakfast out on the Terrace Deck where we also met a nice Australian couple, Andrew and Kerry, who we talked with for quite a while.

I’m paying a ridiculous amount for incredibly slow internet access — $300 for 500 minutes. I’m hoping that we can find free internet cafes on some of the islands so we can at least sync email without chewing up our time. Grrrrr…

We’re just relaxing today, having spent some time on the pool deck reading, and now back in our cabin with the verandah door open listening to the splashing of the waves as we cruise. Tonight we eat in the steak restaurant on board the ship — Polo Club — and can’t wait to give it a try.

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