We’re officially on vacation!

So, today was actually the first day that we were officially on vacation. I wasn’t being hounded by clients, and Barb wasn’t at the office.

What did we do? Spent a lot of time adding “Cities we’ve visited” to Facebook, doing laundry, and making some preparations for departure.

One thing we’re both looking forward to on this cruise, much to the detriment of our diets, is the food. The ship has no set hours for “seatings,” and we’ll have a choice of two special restaurants (Polo Club and Tuscana). There is also a tapas restaurant “under the stars” on the deck, as well as a traditional dining room.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I always go into cruises with dreams if doing deck walks or some sort of exercise that actually allows me to lose weight on the trip, bur it never happens. Sigh…

Next Friday, when we’re in Samana, Dominican Republic, is the day that the Apple iPad is available for pre-sale, which has me hoping that the shipboard Internet service has improved. I must have one the first day!

We’ll probably have some photos of the packing process tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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